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Rex Hotel Saigon

Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, 5km from Saigon Station and 7km from Tan Son Nhat and near many famous cultural and tourist sites and trade canters like Ho Chi Minh City Theatre, Reunion Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market and Vincom Centre, Rex Hotel is one of the top destinations for tourists to Ho Chi Minh City.

For many people, particularly foreign tourists, Rex Hotel Saigon is a typical architectural work imbued with the Vietnamese cultural features. It shows the harmonious combination of elegant and luxurious beauty with a post-modern style.

Originally built as a French garage in the early 20th century, it was expanded into a 6-floor trading center in 1959 by the family of Ung Thi, a relative of King Bao Dai.

In 1960 the building was hired by the American Culture Centre and at that time the Abraham Lincoln Library was established on the building’s ground floor.

In 1962, the American Information Service made its base at the building which soon became the largest information and media center in Saigon which was the favorite haunt of American officers and the scene of daily press briefings to foreign reporters.

In 1973, the building was renamed the Rex Trading Centre that consisted of three cinemas, a cafeteria and dance hall, famous throughout Southeast Asia.

In September 1976, one year after the national reunification Saigontourist Holding Company (Saigontourist) started managing the building and renamed it Ben Thanh Hotel. After several periods of restoration and expansion, the hotel changed Rex Hotel with its logo of a crown in 1990.

Five years later, it was recognized as a four-star hotel by the General Department of Tourism. In July 2008, the hotel officially became a five-star hotel after being upgraded with a total investment capital of 300 billion dong.

At present, the hotel includes 284 rooms, five restaurants and bars, one garden, a bingo club, a health club, 11 banqueting venues and ballrooms, a chain of famous brand name fashion outlets, offices for rent and two underground parking areas. In the new area, there is a presidential room, for state leaders. The hotel also charms tourists by the interior decoration according to the traditional style.

The hotel has four restaurants, including the Cung Dinh (Imperial Palace) Rex Restaurant that serves traditional Vietnamese food. Here many foreign visitors and overseas Vietnamese come to enjoy delicious food and witness traditional singing and dancing. The restaurant also organizes cooking courses for diners who are interested in learning more about Vietnamese cuisine. At the hotel’s “Five O’clock Follies” garden of the hotel, tourists can behold the beauty of Ho Chi Minh City by night.

Pauline, a tourist from Australia, said: “Rex Hotel is a wonderful one that I have known. Despite being located in the center of a crowded city, the hotel has a large view. It is rather quiet with a staff of enthusiastic and polite employees…”.

With modern facilities, the hotel is an ideal place for organizing conferences and workshops. In 2003, the hotel was selected as the residential place in the South for the foreign teams who attended SEA Games 22. It was the place where the Asia - Europe Meeting (ASEM) in 2008 was successfully organized with the participation of 40 state leaders and senior officials from different countries around the world. So far, the hotel continues to be an ideal place for both domestic and foreign organizations to organize conferences and workshops.

Following the slogan “Rex Hotel - Vietnam’s Home to Foreign Tourists”, the hotel always considers the satisfaction of tourists as a measure for the success. In reality, most of the tourists feel satisfied with facilities and services of the hotel.

Some Titles and Awards of Rex Hotel
- Top Ten Hotel Cup from the Vietnam General Department of Tourism from 1999 to 2011.
- One of the most favourite hotels in Southeast Asia selected by Asiahotels.com in 2002.
- One of the five best hotels in Ho Chi Minh City selected by the readers of Business Traveler in Asia-Pacific in 2005.
- The “For the Cause of Development of Cultural Values” Award selected by The Guide in 2006-2006.
- The ASEAN Green Hotel Award.
- The Agoda Golden Cup in 2010-2011.
- The certificate of recognizing it as one of the top five-star hotels in Vietnam in 2010.

Business Travelers in Ho Chi Minh City

5 Tips for Business Travelers in Ho Chi Minh City
With over 10 million residents and a rich and fascinating history, Moscow is the center of Vietnam’s economic, cultural, and educational landscape. As a result of the country’s steady economic growth and virtually unlimited potential, an increasing number of multinational corporations have set up shop in Ho Chi Minh city, bringing an unprecedented number of business travelers to the city. Yet the city’s size and complexity, combined with the country’s unique language and culture, make Ho Chi Minh hard to navigate for foreigners. Here, then, are some tips to help ease the way for business travelers.

1. Carefully Choose Your Accommodations in Ho Chi Minh City
Where you choose to stay can make the difference between a successful and a disastrous business trip. Your best bet is to select a business class, fully equipped, serviced apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh. A short-term rental will provide you with familiar Western comforts, while giving you access to the equipment you need (like Wi-Fi Internet; a computer printer, scanner, and fax; and free local calling) to stay connected and get the job done. Many come with a fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine, which will help you settle in and concentrate on the business at hand.

When selecting Ho Chi Minh rentals, be sure to look for rentals in the upscale District 1 area of Ho Chi Minh, within the Dong Khoi Road. This is a very safe area, and one that is close to supermarkets, embassies, stores, restaurants, financial institutions, and nightclubs. Furthermore, unless you’re fluent in English, choose to work with a company that is Western owned and operated. An English-speaking staff will go far in ensuring that your stay in Ho Chi Minh goes smoothly and is stress-free.

2. Getting through Passport Control
When you arrive at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the lines and procedures at passport control and customs. The best serviced apartment rental companies can also arrange for full airport VIP services, Fast Track check in, and business lounge access.

3. Vietnam Visa Registration
Vietnam has very strict regulations for foreigners visiting Vietnam. Not only do you have to register upon your arrival in Ho Chi Minh city, but if you visit other cities, you have to register there as well. If you are staying in a short-term rental, the Western company that manages the rental should be able to assist you in complying with the myriad visa requirements.

4. Airport and Train Transfers
Many business travelers are overwhelmed by the logistics involved in going to and from Saigon’s airports and train stations. There are four major airports and nine train stations in the city, as well as the world’s most extensive Metro system. Although it’s possible to negotiate Saigon’s transportation system on your own, it’s much less of a hassle to book an airport or train station transfer with the Saigon rentals company you select.

5. Taxi and Transport Services
Whether you need to get around Ho Chi Minh or are going to one of the many popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, it’s important to select a reliable taxi and transport service. Again, it’s helpful to be able to rely on Westerners, who can arrange for you to book an hourly taxi.

With the right planning, business travel in Ho Chi Minh can be both productive and enjoyable.

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